Easing scrollbar

I got a request for it and decided to put up my scrollbar for anyone who might be interested.

It’s not using the V2 framework and is designed to be lightweight but flexible.


Only 4k uncompressed.

Can scroll one or several movie clips, text fields or buttons.

Responds to mouse wheel, arrow keys and page up/down keys.

Configurable easing.

Fairly easy to alter style by simply editing the component.

Drag area that resizes with the amount of content to scroll.

Can update when changing the size of the content to be scrolled.

So basically just another scrollbar, but if you are looking for something less bloated then the MM V2 components and just want to do some scrolling it might be useful.

Get the download here.


After doing some testing with several instances on multiple levels I noticed some issues.

I have now updated the download so you can use several instances as well as load them on top of each other and still have the mousescroll and keyboard control working fine.

To update the scrollbar reinstall the component using the extensions manager by double clicking the .mxp file.

Then drag an instance of the component onto the stage in the .fla with an old version. When prompted choose to replace existing items.

You can now delete the newly added instance, and your previous instances will be up to date.

UPDATE 2006-02-12:

An error in ScrollFocus.as made the key and mouse scroll stop working if you removed the first instantiated scrollBar.

The .zip file have been updated with the amended class file.