BlixtBlog is a simple GNU GPL licensed blog system for flash that can also be used as a basic CMS system for a whole flash site. It uses PHP/MySQL for the backend.
Main features:

  • Admin interface for easy adding of text, images and links and moderation of user comments.
  • Included state management enabling deeplinking, bookmarking and use of back/forward buttons in the browser.
  • Accordion style display of posts by subject and post by month as well as multiple categories of external links.
  • Generates RSS 2.0 feeds.
  • User comments with gravatar support.
  • Can be set to resize with the browser window or be used in fixed size.
  • User can resize text using ctrl mouse scroll or +/- buttons.
  • Ability to double up as a guestbook.
  • The package includes an example file of how to use the system for easy creation of a flash site manageable using your browser. Just configure what pages you like to have on your site and add your own graphics.

    Get the download here.

    This system is not being developed any more. As you can see I have abdicated and is using wordpress myself instead.
    I do not currently have time to fix the bugs in the system and is not really happy about the implementation and don’t recommend you to use it, but I leave it up here anyway.
    Maybe I find time for an AS3 version using wordpress for administration sometime in the future.

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