May 192008

I have had reason to play around with some of the new functionality of Flash Player 10 and the vectors is just awesome. On top of the benefits of the strict typing they are about 50% faster than Arrays according to my tests. Being completely new to the concept, how to create multidimensional vectors was [...]

May 152008

Simplicity, accessibility and content should always be the main focus when you design, at least that’s what we are usually told. But are they actually only factors to consider and sometimes they can be somewhat disregarded in favour of other considerations? Many times when discussing various aspects of graphics or software design I find that [...]

May 082008

I have been meaning to upgrade my site for quite a while now, but since I just haven’t had the time to spend on fixing up and redesigning my flash site so it’s up to standards I decided to replace it with a simple wordpress blog for now. And I must say I’m quite happy [...]

Nov 112006

It’s been a while since the last update. First of all I had a little daughter in april…Disa: I won’t blame her for the lack of updates to the blog and the systems available on the download page though. She’s been amazing and hardly ever create a fuzz….a real little angel. But I’ve been enjoying [...]

Feb 092006

Ok, I know there seems to be enough difficulties defining what Web 2.0 actually means. So of course attempting to define what web 3.0 will be is silly, or if you are enough of a visionary will make you stinking rich and renowned. I guess I will fall into the silly category, but I do [...]

Aug 172005

Welcome to BlixtBlog. In this space I will provide my rants and ramblings, mainly about Flash and everything related. First off a little about the system itself. It’s a fairly simple Blog/CMS system using Flash for the front end and PHP/MySQL server side. I’m planning to release it as open source very soon. I just [...]

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