Oct 232010

Pixel Bender can be a great tool for number crunching, but has a couple of limitations when trying to create an audio mixer. The number of inputs is limited when using PixelBender toolkit to compile .pbj files. Even if one overcomes the limitation by writing Pixel Bender assembly, the track count is fixed to a [...]

Oct 112010

When passing numeric values to an application using a URL, sometimes one wants to keep them short and have them alphanumeric rather than numeric. Base64 contains a couple of characters that are not URL friendly, and if you remove them you are left with Base62. I needed classes to handle that in both AS3 and [...]

Oct 102010

A common requirement in applications is to have a small icon that can be used to indicate that some processing or a request is carried out, but not an actual preloader indicating progress. On most projects lately I have been supplied graphical assets for the typical circle of lines with a rotating fade effect. In [...]

May 212008

Yes, a Flash equalizer. We all heard it mentioned before…for some reason the word equalizer has been adopted to mean spectral analyser when mentioned along with Flash.   An equalizer will process the sound boosting or attenuating frequencies while a spectral analyser will only show you the spectral content of the audio. Now with the [...]

May 092008

I added a little application to the download section. It takes a Gregorian date and converts it to a dreamspell date and then calculates the kin, guide, analog and antipode to generate the affirmation for that day. For those of you not familiar with the dreamspell calendar it’s a reinterpretation of the Mayan calendar by [...]

Oct 242005

I got a request for it and decided to put up my scrollbar for anyone who might be interested. It’s not using the V2 framework and is designed to be lightweight but flexible. Features: Only 4k uncompressed. Can scroll one or several movie clips, text fields or buttons. Responds to mousewheel, arrow keys and page [...]

Oct 072005

I’ve done a little update to my system for enabling the back button and providing deep linking/bookmarking functionality for Flash sites and applications. It’s now using Macromedias JS integration kit for Flash to JS communication. Click here to download it. Try the system here. I was hoping I would solve issues with some browsers that [...]

Sep 092005

I was looking around for some example code for how to implement full state management in Flash with both functioning back/forward buttons and deeplinking/bookmarking, but couldn’t find any. So I decided to put together my own and make it available in an attempt to silence the many Flash critics who, rightfully in my opinion, think [...]

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