Dec 192006

Well, the word in itself maybe not, I just made that up myself. But as you probably guess I’m talking about using Flash and AJAX together. After my last post that also involved Flash and AJAX, “Right tool for the job…or right job for the tool?”, I came across the following blog entry: Ajax and [...]

Oct 142005

Here we go again. What is the future dominant platform of RIA development? The latest discussion that triggered me to reflect on the issue again is over at Actually I find discussions like this quite interesting and don’t mind dissecting the pros and cons. I guess I just like a good argument But I’m [...]

Sep 262005

Some nice additions to the big names making serious use of what flash can offer lately. The most impressive that been blogged a lot about already is the IKEA matrix kitchen. Clever and skill full piece of work that really uses the internet as a media in an efficient and inventive way. The even bigger [...]

Aug 192005

It’s nice to see more and more companies actually making use of the advantages technologies like Flash, FLEX and Laszlo provide. Many times when you discuss with the CSS/XHTML fanatics they seem to think that Flash is only good as a slimmer replacement for animated gifs or QuickTime video. It has for a long time [...]

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