Jun 132010

I happened to come across the SublimeVideo player some time back and thought it was quite a decent player, especially since the HTML5 version is a lot more fully featured than most alternatives with nice controls, and full-screen emulation. It also provides a nice opportunity to compare performance of HTML5 and Flash video. Not surprisingly since I’m on a windows machine [...]

Apr 192010
Apple's master plan

Discussions about Mac vs. PC, or HTML5 vs. Flash, might be getting old, but Apple are currently shaping the future of the IT-world and that is becoming more than an issue about personal taste and choices. My view is that Apple’s products as well as the technologies they license should be avoided by anyone remotely concerned with [...]

Apr 122010

Reading discussions about the whole iPhone 4.0 SDK license and reading countless discussions on HTML5/Silverlight/AJAX/DHTML vs. Flash, it’s very common to find people wishing the death of Flash. And this is something that seems to be a pattern with all technology. For example all the talk about iPhone killers and now iPad killers. It puzzles [...]

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