Oct 112010

When passing numeric values to an application using a URL, sometimes one wants to keep them short and have them alphanumeric rather than numeric. Base64 contains a couple of characters that are not URL friendly, and if you remove them you are left with Base62. I needed classes to handle that in both AS3 and [...]

May 102008

Going trough some PHP code I have to clean up I’m a bit surprised at finding that it can take many lines using everything from preg_match to addslashes and mysql_escape_string to sanitize numeric input. So I thought I share a method that I find handy: In some cases it might want to handle any attempts [...]

Sep 192005

First of all I’m happy to have received note that my blog have been added to MXNA today. They tried to add it on friday, but apparently their parser didn’t like my feed. It contained an “feff” tag before the XML prolog I was told. The feed was fine according to feedvalidator, other aggregators managed [...]

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