May 192010

So, now it’s official. VP8 will be open sourced and support will added to the Flash player: It’s was not a difficult prediction that I mention in an earlier post: Notice the¬†absence of Apple and Microsoft in the list of partners. So what does this mean? Like I mentioned in my earlier post, [...]

Sep 162005

I had look at the video presentation for MS sparkle, or as it’s officially titled, Expression Interactive Designer. Previously when hearing about sparkle I figured it would probably not be anywhere close to living up to what it’s many times refered to, a “Flash killer”. The picture I got in my mind was somewhere close [...]

Aug 232005

According to an article in Microsoft is about to announce their developer-oriented graphics tool, code-named Sparkle. The name oozes desperation I must say. Surely being an MS product it will gain a foothold in the market, and better late than never, but I will sure not worry about the future of Flash. It will [...]

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