Jun 042008

I have collected some of the tools and resources that I find very useful when developing Actionscript applications that with the exception of one are free and/or open source. If you are an experienced Actionscript developer you are probably already familiar with most of them, but there might be one of two that you have [...]

May 212008

Yes, a Flash equalizer. We all heard it mentioned before…for some reason the word equalizer has been adopted to mean spectral analyser when mentioned along with Flash.   An equalizer will process the sound boosting or attenuating frequencies while a spectral analyser will only show you the spectral content of the audio. Now with the [...]

May 162008

Finally Flash will have built in ability to access the sound output buffer when using FlashPlayer 10 that just has been released. Tinic Uro have posted a little information about the implementation. So no more relying on complicated hacks, this is all the code you will need to generate a sine wave (snipped from Tinics [...]

Dec 192006

Well, the word in itself maybe not, I just made that up myself. But as you probably guess I’m talking about using Flash and AJAX together. After my last post that also involved Flash and AJAX, “Right tool for the job…or right job for the tool?”, I came across the following blog entry: Ajax and [...]

Dec 082006

I’m glad to have discovered that someone made an effort making a script similar to my backbutton and deeplinking solution for Flash. Maybe old news to many of you, but since I get some visitors here looking for such a solution I thought I mention it. http://www.asual.com/swfaddress/ I haven’t got a chance to try it [...]

Oct 072005

I’ve done a little update to my system for enabling the back button and providing deep linking/bookmarking functionality for Flash sites and applications. It’s now using Macromedias JS integration kit for Flash to JS communication. Click here to download it. Try the system here. I was hoping I would solve issues with some browsers that [...]

Sep 262005

Some nice additions to the big names making serious use of what flash can offer lately. The most impressive that been blogged a lot about already is the IKEA matrix kitchen. Clever and skill full piece of work that really uses the internet as a media in an efficient and inventive way. The even bigger [...]

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