May 162008

Finally Flash will have built in ability to access the sound output buffer when using FlashPlayer 10 that just has been released. Tinic Uro have posted a little information about the implementation. So no more relying on complicated hacks, this is all the code you will need to generate a sine wave (snipped from Tinics [...]

May 092008

I added a little application to the download section. It takes a Gregorian date and converts it to a dreamspell date and then calculates the kin, guide, analog and antipode to generate the affirmation for that day. For those of you not familiar with the dreamspell calendar it’s a reinterpretation of the Mayan calendar by [...]

Oct 192005

Many thanks to Guy Watson who confirmed that the FFTMode for computeSpectrum doesn’t work yet. I was hoping to be able to post a proper spectral analyser for Flash, but that has to wait until the FFT is sorted. So for now you can check out the code for the example waveform display I made. [...]

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