Oct 112010

When passing numeric values to an application using a URL, sometimes one wants to keep them short and have them alphanumeric rather than numeric. Base64 contains a couple of characters that are not URL friendly, and if you remove them you are left with Base62. I needed classes to handle that in both AS3 and [...]

Oct 102010

A common requirement in applications is to have a small icon that can be used to indicate that some processing or a request is carried out, but not an actual preloader indicating progress. On most projects lately I have been supplied graphical assets for the typical circle of lines with a rotating fade effect. In [...]

Jul 152008

With the new beta 2 version of Flash Player 10 the Sound API has changed a bit. Most of the changes is very straight forward and only renaming of some methods, events and properties: SamplesCallbackEvent is now SampleDataEvent samplesCallback is now sampleData or Event.SAMPLE_DATA Instead of accessing Sound.samplesCallbackData to write to the output buffer one [...]

May 302008

Playing around with the new Flash player 10 audio processing functionality the need for optimization becomes very apparent when you want to apply effects to several tracks of audio. With a sample rate of 44100 and a dozen stereo tracks we are talking over a million samples to be processed per second where each process [...]

May 212008

Yes, a Flash equalizer. We all heard it mentioned before…for some reason the word equalizer has been adopted to mean spectral analyser when mentioned along with Flash.   An equalizer will process the sound boosting or attenuating frequencies while a spectral analyser will only show you the spectral content of the audio. Now with the [...]

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