Sep 272010
Why Android is set for world domination

Reading discussions on mobile operating systems, Android is many times pitched directly against iOS and now Windows Phone 7, and the success is measured by comparing the current market share. While that certainly currently is relevant comparison, looking into the situation long term it’s easy to underestimate what Android will mean for mobile computing. What [...]

May 192010

So, now it’s official. VP8 will be open sourced and support will added to the Flash player: It’s was not a difficult prediction that I mention in an earlier post: Notice the absence of Apple and Microsoft in the list of partners. So what does this mean? Like I mentioned in my earlier post, [...]

May 032010

According to New York Post, “a person familiar with the matter” is claiming that “the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission are locked in negotiations over which of the watchdogs will begin an antitrust inquiry into Apple’s new policy of requiring software developers who devise applications for devices such as the iPhone and iPad [...]

Apr 292010

Steve Jobs has posted a defence to his position on Flash and not surprisingly it’s full of errors and misrepresentations. Let’s look at the points he makes: First, there’s “Open”. He asses that “Adobe’s Flash products are 100% proprietary. They are only available from Adobe, and Adobe has sole authority as to their future enhancement, [...]

Apr 192010
Apple's master plan

Discussions about Mac vs. PC, or HTML5 vs. Flash, might be getting old, but Apple are currently shaping the future of the IT-world and that is becoming more than an issue about personal taste and choices. My view is that Apple’s products as well as the technologies they license should be avoided by anyone remotely concerned with [...]

Apr 142010

I came across an interesting article about Apple claiming intellectual property rights regarding the bitmap canvas used in HTML5. I had no idea that the canvas is proprietary technology, but apparently that’s the case, at least according to wikipedia: On March 14, 2007, WebKit developer Dave Hyatt forwarded an email from Apple’s Senior Patent Counsel, Helene Plotka Workman, which stated that [...]

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