May 192010

So, now it’s official. VP8 will be open sourced and support will added to the Flash player:

It’s was not a difficult prediction that I mention in an earlier post:

Notice the absence of Apple and Microsoft in the list of partners.

So what does this mean?
Like I mentioned in my earlier post, contrary to what many people seems to believe this puts the Flash Player in an excellent position when it comes to video delivery in the future. It will take a long time before most users have browsers that support VP8, while a Flash Player with VP8 can become widespread very quickly.
And with their vested interest in H.264, question is if and when Apple and Microsoft will decide to add the decoder to Safari and IE.

Also, it’s great to see many hardware partners, which means that hopefully it should not take too long before we see hardware accelerated playback of VP8 video.


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