May 092008

I added a little application to the download section.
It takes a Gregorian date and converts it to a dreamspell date and then calculates the kin, guide, analog and antipode to generate the affirmation for that day.
For those of you not familiar with the dreamspell calendar it’s a reinterpretation of the Mayan calendar by Dr. José Argüelles.
It’s based around 20 “glyphs” and 13 “tones” which make up the 260 day year called the Tzolkin.
The idea behind it is to create a new calendar system that actually is in tune with natural cycles, unlike the Gregorian system we use today, but mostly it’s used to cast horoscopes.
Here is one resource for more information about the calendar.

My wife wanted to have an neat application for displaying the affirmation of the day and to look up a persons birth “kin”, so I put this one together for her:

If this sort of stuff interest you are free to hotlink to the swf using the following URL:

You can download the swf here.

To get the source visit the download page.


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