Dec 192006

Usually when people discuss Flash, AJAX and HTML there will be a lot of people saying “just use the right tools for the job, both have their strengths.”
Seems obvious enough and makes sense.
But do we really have to learn to use all tools, and could one not turn it around to say that we should find jobs that fit our tools?

I many times been thinking I should have a look at AJAX because I might get a project where it would be a good solution.
The main reason I haven’t bothered is that I have problem finding uses for it where Flash is in any way inferior. The only reason to go with AJAX that I can see is if you have a HTML page where AJAX could feel more visually integrated, but on technical merits alone I find it hard to see where AJAX would be a better tool.

The point I’m trying to make is not about if Flash is better than AJAX.
Regardless of the merits of using AJAX vs. Flash I really dislike having to deal with browser issues and a far from ideal development environment

Sure, if there was no demand for Flash and I had to make sure to put food on the table, then an AJAX job might seem tempting.
But as we all know Flash is higher in demand than ever, so why would I start using a technology that I don’t enjoy working with that basically fills only fills some of functions as the one I already master?
To make sure that I can give the best solution to a customer who have a project that is one of the few where I think AJAX would be a better choice?
No thanks, if that situation would arise I’ll be happy to send them on to someone who likes to deal with browser incompatibilities.

As long as I have the possibility I rather choose jobs where my skills is the right solution. Sure I like to keep up with new technologies, but only as long as they seem nice to work with and they bring new advantages. But to choose what tools to use according to the jobs on offer doesn’t appeal to me.

So, what’s your approach, choosing the skills that you find nice and useful to find matching jobs or adapting your skill set to the jobs on offer?


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