Oct 192005

I was very excited to notice that you now with AS3 can retrieve amplitude and spectrum information. I been hoping for this for a long time, and now it’s there :)
Problem is that it doesn’t seem to work properly.

I looked at the example on www.richapps.de and tried it out.
The problem is that accessing the values of the byteArray with normal array access brackets will not give the correct values.
It will return the byte value, ie a value between 0 and 256. According to the documentation for AS3 the computeSpectrum should return a decimal value between -1.0 and 1.0.
So since the length of the byte array is 2048 and the number of values should be 2×256 the values is stored as a single-precision 32-bit value.
So that gives that each value should be stored in 4 bytes and that readFloat would be the appropriate method to retrieve the values.
So my code to read the array for the right channel looks like this:


That works fine when FFTMode is false.
It will display the raw wave as you can see in this example.
(requires flash player 8.5, click to start sound).

But what you usually want to do to display a spectrum is to use FTT.
That will analyse the wave and actually make it into spectral information.
So, I try with just setting FFTMode to true….but no luck :(
Here is the swf with FFT applied.
As you can see there is no spectral information. With a sine sweep like this what you should see is a thin spike travelling from right to left.

Am I doing it completely wrong, or is indeed the FFTMode not working as it should?
Someone managed to get it to display a proper spectrum graph yet, and if so how?


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