Aug 232005

According to an article in Microsoft is about to announce their developer-oriented graphics tool, code-named Sparkle.
The name oozes desperation I must say.

Surely being an MS product it will gain a foothold in the market, and better late than never, but I will sure not worry about the future of Flash.
It will be interesting to see what Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), formerly known as Avalon, will be capable of though, and some competition is always healthy.

But I guess it will time before the solution is compatible with enough browsers out there to be worthwhile.
Apparently there will be an update to XP so WFP technology will not only work with Vista. But for many years to come it will still be only a small share of users that will be able to view content created with WFP I guess.
And MS client side solutions hardly have a record of taking the world by storm with their limited support outside IE.


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