Aug 172005

Welcome to BlixtBlog.

In this space I will provide my rants and ramblings, mainly about Flash and everything related.
First off a little about the system itself.

It’s a fairly simple Blog/CMS system using Flash for the front end and PHP/MySQL server side.
I’m planning to release it as open source very soon.
I just want to tidy up the code a wee bit before letting it out in the open.
Why a flash based blog system you might wonder?
Being a flash fanatic the primary reason is that I use a flash based site, and hence like a system I can incorporate into the site.

The advantages as I see them with a Flash based system are:

  • Integrates into existing Flash sites.
  • Can be used as a simple CMS system for not so scripting savvy designers to make attractive but manageable sites.
  • Accordion style links on the side for ease of navigation.
  • Using coded graphics makes resizing text look ok.
  • Coded graphics also give easy customization of colour scheme combined with lightweight file size.
  • Of course there are downsides compared to an HTML based solution:

  • Image handling is poor. You can get decent results but you have to be aware of pitfalls when updating the site so images don’t overlap or obscure text.
  • Only non-progressive jpgs is possible to use. I will maybe code a solution to import other formats….or I might just wait for Flash 8.
  • HTML version need to be set up for search engine indexing and users with screen readers or without flash. Since it don’t need to be fancy looking that is a simple task, and a script to output the blog as html will be included in the package.
  • I managed to make a fairly solid state management solution for deeplinking, bookmarking and back/forward button functionality, but it’s still not compatible with all browsers.
  • Anyway….I’m quite happy with the features it has and think it’s great to use in a flash site.
    Please try it out and tell me what you think needs to be improved.
    I’ll get on with tidying up my code and creating the component package now.


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