Aug 192005

It’s nice to see more and more companies actually making use of the advantages technologies like Flash, FLEX and Laszlo provide.
Many times when you discuss with the CSS/XHTML fanatics they seem to think that Flash is only good as a slimmer replacement for animated gifs or QuickTime video.

It has for a long time amazed me that the web have been so restricted in the way it uses the medium considering the capabilities.
It has the potential to be more exiting and involving than video and printed media, but in reality it’s rather been more basic and limited most of the time.

Here is some sites that I think do a good job in showing the way in what the Internet is capable of.
Most pretty much well known for anyone already interested in RIA, but I mainly wanted to compile a list of for people not so familiar with RIA applications.

The Harley Davidson configurator
Brilliant Flex app.

Behr ColorSmart
Laszlo seems very exciting and it’s nice to see a good example like this of it’s use.
Ok…I’ll include one AJAX app. It’s quite a neat little colour tool handy to play around with to find interesting colour schemes.
Hmm…maybe should have used it before starting this site ;)

Neave Lab Flash Earth
Yes…I do find it more fun to play around with compared to google earth. Flash rules and AJAX developer is fools ;)

Build your own MINI
Another good example of a product configurator.

Goowy mail
Flash based webmail service.

NIKE configurator
Yet another good example of product configuration.

Theban mapping project
Egyptology site with a nice interactive atlas.

Thats some favourite applications from my bookmarks.
Please suggest more examples that I have missed out.


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